200 tons of aluminum ash moved home

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On March 15, prosecutors from the Qijiang District Procuratorate of Chongqing came to Xiangyang Village, Dantong Town, to “look back” on the rectification of a public interest lawsuit case involving illegal dumping of aluminum ash and slag.Luo, who lives nearby, sighed to the prosecutor: “The air is much better now, and there is no strong pungent smell any more!”A year ago, villagers in Xiangyang noticed a pungent smell wafting through the air as lorries poured ash in and out of a nearby waste dump.The villagers reported the incident to the local authorities.After the inspection of the environment department, the ash dumped by the truck is aluminum ash.Aluminum ash will be included in the 2021 edition of the National Hazardous Waste List as it will release a large amount of ammonia when it meets water, which is harmful to human health.In April 2021, Qijiang District public security bureau to be suspected of environmental pollution crime on file to investigate this clue.In the process of handling the case, the public security organs found that the case was not only suspected of criminal crimes, but also may damage the public interests, so they transferred the public interest litigation clues to the Qijiang District Procuratorate.Luo mou, Chen mou each has an unlicensed aluminum processing workshop, respectively located in Banan district and Jiulongpo district.After investigation, in January 2021, two people to save costs, respectively for many times after processing and utilization of waste aluminum ash to hu jia disposal.Hu a and no dangerous waste business license, its acquisition of aluminum ash, and then contact the town of Hu b to find a place to dump.From January to April 2021, Hu Mou B dumped nearly 200 tons of aluminum ash near the gangue mountain of the aforementioned mine.In order to avoid further expansion of environmental pollution, Qijiang District Procuratorate jointly with the ecological environment bureau and the public security organs, jointly urge the offenders to clean up aluminum ash.”Extra care must be taken during transportation and safety precautions must be taken to avoid injury caused by inhalation of aluminum ash.”Liu Xiaoping, the prosecutor who handled the case, supervised the whole process at the scene of aluminum ash cleaning.After more than 10 days of efforts, nearly 200 tons of aluminum ash were transferred to the hazardous waste disposal company for harmless treatment, and the 4 offenders paid a total of more than 400,000 yuan for the disposal fee.Although aluminum ash moved home, there are still a lot of things to do to restore the ecological environment.”It is imperative to fully assess the extent of the environmental damage caused by the dumping of aluminium ash by the four men.”Liu Xiaoping said.The hospital then commissioned Chongqing Zhenggang Judicial Appraisal Center to carry out ecological environmental damage appraisal.After on-site inspection and instrument appraisal, it was determined that the illegal behavior in this case caused soil environmental damage, and the ecological environment repair cost was more than 130,000 yuan.In September 2021, after the approval of chongqing Procuratorate, Qijiang District Procuratorate of Hu Mou jia and other four people illegally dumped aluminum ash to pollute the environment, criminal collateral civil public interest litigation, requiring the four people in addition to bear criminal responsibility, but also to pay damages, pay appraisal fees, apology civil liability.In December 2021, before the trial, the four paid compensation for ecological damage and appraisal fees totaling more than 210,000 yuan, and made a public apology.In January 2022, the procuratorial organ filed a public prosecution, the court sentenced hu a class 4 to fixed-term imprisonment of three years to eleven months for the crime of environmental pollution, and fined 10 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan, and prohibited 4 people from collecting, storing and disposing hazardous waste related occupation within 3 years after the execution of the penalty.Recently, the Qijiang District Procuratorate and the district Ecological environment Bureau conducted a comprehensive assessment of the damaged soil and made a restoration plan.The damages will then be used to repair the damaged soil.It is reported that in March 2021, qijiang District Procuratorate took the lead in Chongqing to explore a new working mechanism of prosecutions and police on criminal collateral civil public interest litigation, and jointly issued the Work Measures on Strengthening cooperation and cooperation in public interest Litigation with local public security organs.A number of cooperation mechanisms have been established for daily contact, joint meetings, information sharing, clue transfer and assistance in investigation and evidence collection of procuratorial public interest litigation.Relying on this work method, the public security organs have so far transferred 28 public interest litigation clues to the procuratorate, of which 16 have been registered and handled.Source: Procuratorial Daily