“Mortal light” they are the epitome of the “battle team” in Shanghai

2022-07-17 0 By

As a neighbor of Shanghai, Jiangsu province has mobilized more than 14,000 medical personnel to support Shanghai since March 27. Among them, the largest is the nucleic acid sampling team, which has reached 11,000 people, scattered in various districts of Shanghai, CCTV.com reported.During an interview in Beicai Town, Pudong New Area, I met medical workers from Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.Zhou Jialiang, medical staff of Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan University: I dare not eat or drink more water.Because wearing clothes is not easy to take off, take off is a waste of a suit of clothes, basic guarantee does not go to the toilet, has more than ten hours did not go to the toilet.In Beicaizhen, there were more than 300 medical workers from Wuxi, many of whom were still standing at their posts at 9 PM on April 3.After receiving the news of rushing to help Shanghai, he rushed to Shencheng at 4:30 a.m. on the 4th.Eight o ‘clock in the morning, showed up at various nucleic acid sampling sites in Beicai Town.After nearly 10 hours of fighting in several residential areas of Beicai town, more than 300 medical workers arrived at the assembly point, where 10 buses were waiting.Waiting for the gap, the carriage is very quiet, some people have fallen asleep, the whole day running fatigue written on everyone’s face.Throughout the day, they took 150, 000 nucleic acid samples.After that, they will return to Wuxi overnight by bus for a “7+7” quarantine period, and be on standby according to the needs of the epidemic in Shanghai.Li Chengwan, head of the Medical team from Wuxi, said: “We are in isolation and waiting for instructions to return to Shanghai at any time.The common wish of all of us is that the epidemic will end as soon as possible and the prosperity of Shanghai will be restored as soon as possible.Source: CCTV.com