The year of the Tiger Spring catering market “like a tiger with wings” consumers gather for leisure and eat

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Restaurants are crowded with people, special food line up long, the Year of the Tiger in Suzhou consumers family reunion, leisure shopping to eat peak, suzhou catering market ushered in the Spring Festival consumption “golden time”.On February 4, according to suzhou many key catering enterprises, in the consumer experience jiangnan culture, over the upsurge of Suzhou, classic Suzhou taste, trendy fashion food, as well as characteristic flavor, “like a tiger with wings added”, sell “fly up”.”Restaurant consumption in the Year of the Tiger has increased by about 15 percent over the same period last year.”Suzhou catering industry chamber of Commerce President Chen Suxing said that suzhou citizens in place to celebrate the New Year, the new Suzhou people stay in Suzhou to celebrate the New Year, suzhou Spring Festival catering industry has a rapid recovery trend, the overall consumption of a thriving.Suzhou cuisine Association chairman Jin Hongnan introduced, suzhou city well-known catering enterprises, as well as shopping centers public catering, fashion catering, characteristic cuisine, etc., the Year of the Tiger Spring collective eruption, many catering enterprises staged shop full, turn over the continuous spectacular scene.Suzhou citizens’ consumption quality has been improved, and the public catering industry has been upgraded. Many time-honored and well-known brands are competing to be listed on the “Hot list” of the Year of the Tiger.”Suzhou citizens’ reunion occupies the mainstream.”Lost Lin, general manager of Deyue House, introduced that during the Spring Festival, suzhou citizens enjoy family happiness to the full, such as big family reunion or several relatives gathering together, which leads the new fashion of staying in Suzhou for the New Year, and box reservation has become the “hottest key word” of New Year catering.”Suzhou residents made reservations one month before the Spring Festival.”Tongji hotel marketing staff introduction, from the beginning of the year to the beginning of the six boxes booked.”Bookings have jumped more than 20 percent over the same period last year.”Tsinghua restaurant said, Suzhou citizens family banquet accounted for 60%, leave the New Suzhou New Year reunion accounted for nearly 40%, during the Spring Festival in addition to the box, even the lobby is also all full, consumption is more than expected, these two days also appear the New situation of the Spring Festival replenishment.Suzhou New Year consumers enjoy leisure shopping and eating, suzhou city’s major commercial streets, shopping centers featured food and beverage stores, in the crowded leisure consumption army, the year of the Tiger New Year turnover is rising.”Many stores of the new Meihua restaurant chain opened the first day after the Spring Festival holiday, and there was a hot scene of queuing for dinner.”According to the new Meihua related personnel, from today on the new Meihua brand opened to welcome customers, many stores peak queuing up to one or two hours.”Consumers play gardens, see museums, taste Subang classic dishes.”According to Sha Peizhi, chairman of Wu Men family, the number of people on the fourth day of the New Year surged by 50% compared to the first three days of the holiday.”Take a family trip to Stone Lake and taste Subang food.”Today, in the Stone Lake shop of Rongji, Wu Yue, a suzhou resident introduced that, taking advantage of the sunny weather of the beginning of Spring, three generations of grandparents and grandchildren “take a dip in the stone lake”, and then order a squirrel mandarin fish to taste the traditional taste of “fish every year”.The New Year’s Day consumers in Suzhou drove their private cars and went to the surrounding leisure and taste fresh food, which led to the “full blossom” business around the ancient city area.”Consumption on the fourth day of the year increases by 30 percent.”According to Zhang Zhiqiang, head of Wuyuerongji, as consumers travel around and taste suzhou during the holidays, the sales of traditional Suzhou dishes soar in chain stores such as Shihu and Xitang Old Street, with squirrel mandarin fish being sold more than 200 times today.”Take away the turmeric pork feet, the country old method head salt wipe chicken too late to do.”According to yu Dongfang, the owner of yuxiang hotel and the inheritor of the intangible heritage of Subang cuisine, the Spring Festival hall of the Year of the Tiger is full of wine every day, and the demand for take-away packages is in short supply.According to statistics, suzhou’s landmark classic dishes, seasonal dishes, innovative dishes and special dishes are favored by consumers in their enthusiasm to experience Suzhou style life during the Spring Festival. Time-honored squirrel mandarin fish, shrimp from qing Chuan, fried eel paste and other dishes with suzhou characteristics, such as fried fish and broad beans in oil, have become popular.(Su Bao rong media reporter xiao Yuanwen/photo) Edited by Wu Hao