The Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Work Commission was involved in drawing a blueprint for strengthening science and technology

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The original title:Map “strong science and technology of gansu province science and technology work” blueprint for the morning of February 25, 2022 working meeting of science and technology in gansu province, summed up in 2021 in gansu province science and technology work, “strong science and technology leading the support the” strong industrial “” provincial” “strong county” as the main line, clear 2022 working train of thought, study the deployment of reform and development of science and technology key task.Vice Governor Zhang Shizhen attended and delivered a speech.He noted that in 2021, science and technology work in Gansu province will get off to a good start during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and scientific and technological innovation will strongly support high-quality economic and social development.This year, vigorously promotes the science and technology policy to solid ground as the theme, to strengthen scientific and technological innovation plan as a whole, a crucial key core technology, improving the capacity of innovation of science and technology support, to speed up out of a characterization, differentiation “strong science and technology” road, in gansu province to build a new development pattern of active, winning advantage in the development of high quality can provide the powerful technological support rushed to carry.The meeting pointed out that to launch the “strong science and technology” campaign, we should foster strategic science and technology forces and strive to become national and regional science and technology innovation centers.Pay attention to the construction of scientific and technological talent team, implement the strategy of unbalanced talent resource development;We will develop and strengthen innovation-oriented enterprises and strengthen their leading position in innovation.A number of key and core technologies have been mastered by means of “opening the list and leading the charge”;We will ensure that scientific and technological reform measures are implemented to create a sound scientific and technological innovation ecosystem.The reorganization of national key laboratories should be done well.Promote the quality and efficiency of “Blue and White Areas”;We will accelerate the development of new and high-quality research and development institutions.Improving the efficiency of transforming scientific and technological achievements;We will promote high-level openness and cooperation in science and technology.(Su Jiaying, reporter of New Gansu · Gansu Daily)