Tianmu Lake town held spring tea picking epidemic prevention and control and production safety work deployment meeting

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On the morning of March 29, tianmu Lake town held a meeting on epidemic prevention and control and production safety of spring tea picking.Tianmu Lake town all village cadres, tea enterprise supervision cadres, rural work bureau staff and emergency office staff attend the meeting.Peng Pan, member of the Party Committee of Tianmu Lake Town and director of the Rural Affairs Bureau, stressed that leaders of towns and villages should do their best to guide and manage the epidemic prevention and control of migrant tea pickers.Each tea enterprise instructor to overall planning, reasonable arrangement of guidance, for tea companies may be absent, exotic tea plucking, head of the mixing and the local tea plucking and dining, xiaosha is not timely, not set the problem such as isolation, tea plucking out at random between visits, to timely collect, feedback and reminds the rectification, the day the next day to track processing until the problem is resolved.In view of the safety production of tea enterprises, Zhang Zhongdong, director of the town comprehensive security Center, made a speech from five aspects, including the safety of tea picking workers’ dormitory, the safety of tea making workshop, the safety of LIQUEFIED petroleum gas, the safety of personnel transportation and the safety of cold storage.Zhang Zhongdong stressed that the current is the most busy time for tea picking and tea making, people and equipment are in the fatigue period, and it is also the time for the most lax safety prevention. At this time, we need to make joint efforts of the village secretary, village cadres and tea enterprise instructors to do all we can to grasp the safe production of tea enterprises in the whole town.Tao Guozhong, deputy secretary of the Party (Industry) Committee of the town, pointed out that up to now, out of more than 20,000 foreign tea picking workers, no more than 20 people have not taken the third nucleic acid test, which is the result of the joint efforts of the staff of the town.In the following time, we still can not relax, we should often visit tea companies to inquire, to prevent the emergence of “fish that slip through the net”.Finally, the mayor Lin Yong emphasized the spring tea picking epidemic prevention and control and safe production work, one is ideological attaches great importance to, should often communicate with the person in charge of tea enterprises, to ensure the life and safety of more than 200 enterprises and 20,000 tea picking workers;Second, the publicity of continuous force, the instructor to one by one against the safety management provisions, to emphasize the safety of production and management must be put in place;Third, we need to take concrete actions. We need to make more visits and conduct more investigations to find and rectify problems in a timely manner, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.(Source: Website of Liyang Municipal People’s Government)