There is too much suffering, but we must believe that our life is full of sunshine

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“The world” 15 sets, from Zhou Bingyi they Peking University student dormitory spread a burst of singing, Yu Shuzhen’s “Our life is full of sunshine”, can not help but make people’s thoughts back to that passing years.People like to recall when they are old, and conversely, they like to recall when they are old!Yu Shuzhen’s singing is the best guide, so that people who come from that time, in the vicissitudes, the passage of time to recall those fleeting fireworks.Architecture, music and art are symbols of memory. Night Shanghai brings you back to the Republic of China.”Sunshine of Our Lives” takes you back to the 1980s, all the same.As a work of realism, “The World” spared no expense in describing the hardships of the underclass in the process of social change.As for the analysis of hua hua’s death in mozi’s previous article, they sympathized with the support and encouragement of their peers.There were also criticisms and accusations from friends who did not understand that era.There’s even talk of abandoning the show!It’s all understandable.As readers, they are more or less looking for their own familiar shadows in the works.It’s normal to have preferences, depending on age, experience, life circumstances, and so on.There is no one person, can let others like;There is no work that can be enjoyed by all readers.Life is difficult, each generation has its own tribulations and missions.So the Buddha said: man is born to suffer.In times of famine, no meat, no pain?Very bitter;Now a big plate of meat is put in front of you, but you can’t eat it. Isn’t it bitter?Only more bitter!But people like to remember their own bitter taste, do not care too much about the pain experienced by others, such as already!What is the meaning of “The World” to take us together and recall those suffering?Some people say: suffering makes you grow!Some people began to refute: make people grow is never suffering, suffering can only make people pain.This argument makes no sense!There must be people who have grown up through hardship;There are those who have suffered, and there is only suffering!As one who reads becomes a sage;Someone reads a book and knows a few words.But that doesn’t make reading useless!Understanding is different.If we only start from individual knowledge and do not speak of universal laws, there will be no laws in this world.More importantly, the past suffering, whether you admit it or not, it is there;And it’s part of real history.A nation without identity and history is hopeless.Nor does “The World” deliberately trade in suffering.Well, life is bittersweet, half surprise, half regret, without perfection, it is impossible to meet people’s expectations.Finding happiness in adversity is a vital skill.It is said that life is short, so if suffering is the norm of life, then how to remain hopeful in hardship, how to compromise with fate when there is no escape, is the truth that the author wants to tell us.Zheng Juan such a woman from purgatory came out, although there is no big rich big expensive, but the balance and satisfaction of the heart, should be the appearance of a happy life of ordinary people.Accustomed to fantasy, accustomed to mortals xiuxian, this kind of limited happiness and joy, nature is not so satisfying.But limited happiness, limited happiness is the norm in life.There are scenes in “The World” that prove that times are better than before.The food on the table is more and more abundant;Shanty towns have been removed and transformed, and residents have moved into new houses.Aren’t these the daily necessities of life for ordinary people?So “The World”, despite its depressing tone, also gives readers light and hope.The episode “Our Life is Full of Sunshine” is the author’s Gospel to us.Why is the New Year drama “The World” a cat’s eye view of the world?Hua Hua’s death is very particular about THE CCTV drama “The World”, what is zhou Bingkun’s ideal?Who helped him make it happen?”The World” : Kim Yue-hee will not choose Zhou Byung-yi as her son-in-law, do you understand?