China’s first electric bicycle fire safety management regulations into the legislative plan

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On April 2, the Standing Committee of Hohhot Municipal People’s Congress held the 2022 Legislative Plan promotion meeting and the first meeting of the Legislative Affairs Committee of Hohhot to listen to the progress of legislative projects such as the Hohhot Electric Bicycle Fire Safety Management Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations).Conference, Hohhot fire rescue team, deputy division marshal Chen Fang pointed out that in recent years, the electric bicycle has become an important vehicle mass travel, express delivery, due to product quality closes nevertheless, illegal modification transformation, parking charge is not standard, safety consciousness is not strong wait for a reason, electric bicycle showed a trend of more frequent and fire and fire high fatality rate.Chen Fang, deputy branch leader, briefly introduced the national and municipal electric bicycle fire situation and typical cases, analyzed the causes of electric bicycle fire and the main problems exposed, elaborated the significance of electric bicycle fire safety management legislation, reported the current legislative work and the next work plan.The participants agreed that electric bicycle safety hidden danger is outstanding, in the form of local legislation to solve fire safety management problem is around the corner, there is necessary, the regulations is to strengthen the electric bicycle fire safety management, in accordance with the important measures to resolutely curb electric bicycle fire, practical “small incision through legislation to solve the livelihood of the people” big problem “.Hohhot city fire rescue detachment deeply learned the lessons of electric bicycle fire accident, through the “two sessions” proposal suggestions, report to the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, docking the municipal people’s Congress legal working Committee, coordination of the city justice Bureau, promote the introduction of electric bicycle fire safety management local legislation.Recently, the 91st Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Municipal People’s Congress reviewed and approved the 2022 legislative plan, and approved by the Municipal Party Committee reported to the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region for the record, the “Hohhot Electric bicycle fire safety Management Regulations” as the only adjustment of the new legislative project this year, into the implementation of the 2022 legislative plan.This is the country’s first electric bicycle fire safety management local regulations.Emergency management department of fire and rescue bureau, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region fire and rescue Corps to the first electric bicycle fire safety management local legislation attaches great importance to, sent professional forces to track and guide the whole process.The regulations will be drafted on the basis of learning from the advanced experience of various regions and combining with the actual situation of the region, focusing on clarifying management responsibilities, standardizing parking and charging, guaranteeing supporting facilities and investigating and dealing with illegal behaviors, focusing on solving problems from the root and addressing both the symptoms and root causes.Currently, Hohhot fire rescue team to the regulations of legislation as a party project this year, make plan, inversion period, wall charts, to form a special class warfare, stubble, ensure scientific legislation, democratic legislation, in accordance with the legislation, to eliminate electric bicycle safety concerns, increasing people’s feeling, happiness, a sense of security.In 2017, 11 people were killed in an e-bike fire in Yuhuan, Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province.In 2018, 18 people died in the April 24 e-bike fire in Yingde, Qingyuan city, Guangdong Province.A total of 17,298 e-bike fires killed 60 people and injured 220 last year.In the past two years, 66 e-bike fires have been reported in Hohhot, showing an increasing trend.Therefore, in order to prevent fire accidents and effectively solve outstanding problems and shortcomings, it is of great significance to strengthen the fire safety management of electric bicycles in the form of local legislation.